I am a digital communications and marketing specialist – and I have real experience with social media in a professional context. Are you, or someone you know, planning to strengthen your efforts in digital communications?

Want to improve your digital communications efforts?

After a year at Halogen Digital Communications as trainee and adviser, I am in search of new challenges and more experience. I have worked with digital communications and marketing – focusing on social media. I had a fantastic time in Halogen and learnt a lot, participating in some exciting projects and getting to know the company from the inside. Having graduated not so long ago (MA in 2007), I would love to gain more operational experience. I am looking for an organization that is ambitious when it comes to utilising social channels, and where I might contribute in regards to digital communications.

Understand how the Internet works

I have a broad understanding of how the Internet works, and especially the implications of Web 2.0 development for communications and marketing – how to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the web?

A versatile profile

To sum up; I have experience with merging Web 2.0 technologies with more traditional communication channels into a concerted effort. I am good at establishing, maintaining and developing initiatives in social media – in a professional context. Although I specialise in digital communications; I have a versatile profile and can easily adapt to doing a variety of tasks.

Specific skills

With experience in developing initiatives in the most widely used social networks – i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare – I am also familiar with several publishing platforms – KeyPublisher and WordPress, but also EpiServer and eZ Publish to a certain extent. I also have direct experience with web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) and an understanding of internal and external search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). I have a general understanding of usability principles from university studies and from working in one of the prime usability environments in Norway.

I practice what I preach

As you can see; I have started a job search initiative through social media channels, which will give some indication as to what I am capable of. I created this website in WordPress and adjusted it to my needs, added web analytics (Google Analytics), tools for sharing in social media, mobile interface, etc.

I am currently driving traffic to this site through several social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, SlideShare and through participating in other online social arenas (blogs, discussion groups etc). I am also driving traffic through more traditional digital channels like search engines (organic), e-mail and even Google AdWords (paid search advertising). And of course; I don’t forget to mention this site and hand out business cards in real life encounters.

Check out my other inititatives on line and please share!

I hope you like what you see. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at jonas@saxvik.net

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